Dedra beauty, created by Dedra Whitt or DD as some know her, blossomed out of a need for simple, easy to use makeup products in the marketplace. Dedra beauty makeup is sometimes referred to as “car makeup” because it’s so easy, you can put dedra beauty on while parked in your car (but never while driving!) Dedra beauty makeup is multifunctional meaning all of the products have more than one function making placement individual and “doing it wrong” doesn’t exist. Dedra beauty makeup requires no brushes so application is a breeze. Dedra beauty makeup is made in the USA and is paraben free, talc free and some products are also gluten free!

Dedra Whitt has been a professional makeup artist for 18 years and has brought her high level of experience and expertise to the development of her line. Dedra Whitt has had the pleasure of working with some of the most beautiful women in the world: from super models; to working on The Beverly Hills Housewives-as DD; to stay at home moms. Dedra Whitt has listened to her clients and has honed in on exactly what women want. She has developed the perfect makeup line to fit everyone’s beauty needs. dedra makeup products can be used alone for a natural, easy-going look, or layered on top of one another for fuller coverage and a more dramatic effect. We are sure you will agree Dedra Whitt’s makeup line will “help you look like yourself – but on a very good day!”