5 Impressive Benefits That Microblading Can Provide

Microblading is an innovative technique that can be used to create light, semi-permanent makeup strokes of wispy hair across the eyebrow ridge to enhance, build upon and supplement the natural eyebrows. Microblading is often considered a type of eyebrow tattoo; however, unlike traditional tattoos, this technique is virtually undetectable when performed correctly. When done properly, microbladed brows can maintain their enhanced look for as long as three years in certain instances. Following are five benefits that you can gain by adding eyebrow microblading to your ongoing self-care routine.

Eyebrow Microblading Saves Time

With eyebrow microblading, you can get enhanced, natural-looking eyebrows in almost no time at all. You won’t need to spend as many as 15 minutes each day, perfecting your brows with makeup and other techniques. It won’t be necessary to choose between completing your makeup and being on time to work, school or other activities. For some people, microblading also makes it possible to skip waxing and plucking.

There’s also no need to touch your brows up at various intervals throughout the day given that microbladed brows retain their shape and size. You’ll need to invest a few short hours every one to three years to have eyebrow microblading performed. If you’re ready to stop reapplying makeup after relaxing in the sauna or swimming, you’re guaranteed to love microblading. Rubbing, water or sweat won’t be able to smudge or otherwise mar your brows.

You also be able to finally achieve a consistently polished look, and you won’t cause any damage to your eyebrows with constant retouching. If too much brow hair is waxed, plucked or threaded away, it will be hard to maintain the original shape of your brows. Because eyebrow microblading is only a semi-permanent procedure, minor mistakes in maintenance will become far less obvious given that the microbladed template will remain. Moreover, if you’re ever interested in trying out a new eyebrow trend, the fact that the results aren’t fully permanent will give you the opportunity to experiment and change templates for new looks as desired.

Microblading Can Save You A Significant Amount Of Money

If you’ve been spending time every day doing your eyebrow makeup, you’re probably spending a lot of cash on products for filling your eyebrows. You’re also spending cash on fixers and brushers, as well as investing a lot of time into these efforts. Although you’ll need to pay money for each microblading session, this treatment will ultimately prove to be a bargain given that you’ll be able to limit your spending on eyebrow fillers and various tools.

When repeated, microblading treatments will save time during reapplication as well because there will already be a personalized blueprint that your technician can follow. This process usually takes about one and a half to two full hours to complete.

You Can Get Your Old Eyebrows Back

Certain medical conditions can cause people to lose their eyebrows. Hair loss, including the loss of brow hair, is something that commonly occurs among those receiving chemotherapy. For other people, hair loss can be the result of alopecia or another health issue. If you receive a microblading treatment, you can leave your appointment with full, natural-looking brows within just a few hours. A skilled microblading technician can help you regain the look of your original brows, and the results will be indistinguishable from the brows that you were born with. Eyebrow microblading is also excellent chose for those with brows that are naturally wispy.

There’s No Downtime With Microblading

The fact that you can show off your results right away is likely the best part of microblading, so you don’t have to worry about wearing bandages to cover swollen skin or about having raw and inflamed “new” brows until your healing is complete. You can walk right out of the office sporting a look that makes you feel confident and proud. And, you aren’t delighted with your results, you don’t have to live with them forever.

This procedure is also painless. If you have a few of needles, you won’t have to worry with microblading. Your provider will use a topical numbing agent across the treatment area and more often than not, no additional anesthesia will be required. The topical ointment will allow for a comfortable and relaxing procedure – some patients have even reported falling asleep during this process, so you don’t have anything to fear whatsoever.

What You Should Know Ahead Of Your First Microblading Appointment

To get optimum results and assured safety, there are several important things to know ahead of your very first eyebrow microblading procedure. To start, you should know that in Florida state, this is considered to be a type of tattooing and thus, if you want to work with a microblading expert, you have to verify that your provider is a certified tattoo artist and that the work is being performed within a licensed tattoo business.

Check to ensure that your skin is ready for this process also. This means avoiding the use of spray tans or waxing, alpha hydroxy creams, exfoliants, and retinoids that might cause skin irritation. It is additionally important to avoid all blood thinners as well, including aspiring and alcohol ahead of your procedure given that excess bleeding can impede the absorption of pigment. Moreover, try to avoid excessive sun and refrain from all indoor and outdoor tanning at least three days before your appointment.

Verify that you’ve chosen the right tattoo artist for the job also. Start by reviewing some of the before and after images that this professional has on file. In addition to hiring a qualified provider, you also want this person to be able to give you the specific style (whether messy, natural, dense, or sparse-looking) that you want. If you’re unable to find quality pictures of healed work on a providers social media pages or website, ask to see pictures in-person to learn more about the results you can expect.


Microblading is the perfect alternative to constantly applying eyebrow makeup, and this treatment is fast-gaining popularity for many reasons. If you’d like to try eyebrow microblading, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a reputable microblading technician to see if this process is right for you.