Quick Facts About Eyelash Extensions

Recent days most people have been influenced by the use of fake eyelash extensions. As such eyelash extensions, eyelashes have become the emblem products in the market. Now that these eyelashes have become magical with their transformative powers, users need a permanent solution in their application. They are the best alternative for one to be always prepared for selfies at all times. However, they demand TLC in plenty. Well, before one commits to invest in the eyelashes, some insights must be given consideration.

The cost

High-quality eyelashes extensions, unfortunately, are not cheap. Usually, they cost $150-$250 and such expensive eyelash extensions last for only 2-4 weeks depending on the care and attention they are accorded. After they fall out, they can be refilled at $65, and their removal costs an average cost of $20. It is wise therefore to look for salons that offer them at lower prices or otherwise invest in high-quality lashes. This ideally guarantees a fantastic look.

The eyelashes extension shape

Eyelash extensions, eyelashes can be requested in the shape that one loves; however, this is a fact that most eyelash users have not realized. The commonly known and used shapes are the J curl and the C curl. The J curl is more natural and the C curl is more dramatic. A material used to make the eyelashes determines their final shape. The eyelashes extensions come in a variety that users can choose their best. They can choose from Faux mink the cheaper one, silk, real milk and the most expensive called the real human hair. Most users go for faux mink or mink since silk appears to be uncomfortable. Real human hair lashes, on the other hand, no matter they are expensive, they wear out quickly.

The Pre Appointment Prep

It is not advisable to wash the face or come in contact with water when the eyelashes have been inserted. Washing the face before 24 hours means the inserted lashes will not dry properly. Again, it is wise not to curl the lashes before the appointment date as the crease will make the application of falsies by the artist impossible. A week before appointment avoid waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara when used leaves a film on natural lashes, which deters the inserted lashes from sticking properly.


Usually, when the eyelashes are inserted, they take two hours to dry; therefore it is advised to keep eyes closed for the 2 hours. Most people take a nap during this time. However, you can make this time to have a proper self-reflection through meditation. The entire process is uncomfortable; however, it does not hurt.


It is an unalienable fact that generated beauty comes with its consequences. The process may cause the skin to react to the chemicals and products applied. When the eyelash extensions are added higher risks are involved as the eyes are susceptible. It is advisable therefore to research properly to have the appropriate knowledge before booking an appointment at a salon. The products used by the lash artists their ingredients usually bring irritations showed in eyelash glues.

Maintenance of the eyelashes

Maintaining eyelashes properly keeps them longer. Maintaining them starts by brushing them daily with spoolie, refraining from wetting them and rubbing the eyes. Also, gently remove the makeups and use a makeup wiper or cotton bud with a milk cleanser. Refrain from the use of oil-based cleansers. The oils usually loosen the applied glue, therefore, causing the lashes to drop before the required time. Sleeping on your face also causes premature eyelashes fallout thus refrain.

Removing the fake eyelashes

When removing the eyelashes always visit the artist to remove them professionally or allow them to fall out naturally. Pulling them “forcefully is dangerous as they will pull out the natural eyelashes altogether.” according to the information provided by Langley eyelash extensions https://thenakedtruthskincare.com/eyelash-extensions-langley/. Application of coconut oil loosens the eyelashes thereby drop by themselves. After they have been removed, learn to apply castor oil on the natural lashes every night to boost their development, growth, and repair.

Briefly, the application of eyelash extensions, eyelashes is a complex and sensitive process that needs to be carried out professionally to bring out the desired beauty. Again, the factors to consider before taking the process are paramount.